Cheese Fondue


It was such a beautiful day all day today.  Although we get some sunshine now and again, it’s often for a short time only and becomes rainy or cloudy during the winter, it’s been a long time sicne we had such a lovely day.  It’s still cold and windy, so too cold to enjoy walking, but it looked as if it were summer when we were driving because it was so sunny.  The days are getting longer and the sunset today was 5:15 pm, quite different from the middle of winter.  We went out in the car today and saw lots and lots of daffodils everywhere.   Spring is just around the corner!


Our dinner today was Cheese Fondue, it’s been a while since we had it.  The recipe for the fondue is here.  As always we had it with boiled potatoes, carrots, ham, salami and a large salad.







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