Sir Harold Hillier Gardens


It’s been beautiful weather in England! The highest temperature is 18C! In March?! It’s more like summer rather than spring. And it’ll be like this in the next few days. However, the lowest was -1C.

ニューフォレストでお借りしているコテージから20分くらいのところにある「Sir Harold Hillier Gardens」に行きました。お友達からマグノリアが綺麗だとお聞きしていた通り、マグノリア・アヴェニューといってもマグノリアの木が並んでいる場所があり、片側は多分今見頃だと思います。ただ、歩くところを挟んで反対側は余り太陽が当たらない側で、そちらはまだまだでした。そちらが咲く頃には今咲いている側は散ってしまっているかも?

We went to “Sir Harold Hillier Gardens”, which is about 20 minutes’ drive from the cottage we are renting in the New Forest. Our friends told us that they have a lot of magnolias. There was an area called Magnolia Avenue, where 2 rows of magnolia trees lined up and one side of them looked beautiful in full blooms. The other side, which doesn’t get as much sun’ didn’t have a lot of blooms, though. I wonder if the ones in blooms will be gone by the time the other side are in full blooms.

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