Bread & Cake

La Patisserie では、パンとケーキを買ってきました。

So, we bought some bread and cakes from La Patisserie.


We bought 1 French Stick and 2 Multigrain Baguettes.  Yes, I confess I had a bite on that.  Who can resist?



We also bought 2 cakes.  One is “Croquant” chocolate cake, the other is Raspberry Mousse Cake.  When I opened up the box they had been packed in the chocolate cake was stuck to the lid, then fell on the raspberry cake!  Oh, Noooo!  So sad…  We’ll have to ask them to use a taller box next time.



We bought  4 “Raspberry & Pistachio Bites” as well.  They don’t look like Financiers but they taste like it, it’s full of almond flour so moist and yummy.  In the background you are seeing 2 slices of quiche that we’ll have for our evening meal today.



品物を受け取ってお支払いして「Thank you!」と言ったら、担当の方、「Have a nice tea party!」(笑)。二人で数日かけて食べます〜。

We got them all, paid and said “Thank you!” to the staff and she said to us “Have a nice tea party!”  Haha, they are only for two of us, we’ll be taking a few days to consume them, though.


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