Yummy Sandwiches

冷凍しているフランスパンがなくなってしまったので、最近見つけたフランスパンなどが美味しい La Patisserie にパンとケーキを買いに行ってきました。イギリスにきて以来美味しいパンがなかなか見つからず困っていましたが、ここのフランスパンは本場の味。Shoreham-by-Seaという我が家から車で30分くらいのところにあります。度々行くには遠いのが残念なのです。

We ran out of French Bread that we keep in the freezer, so we went to “La Patisserie“, which I found relatively recently.  Their bread and cakes are delicious.  We’ve been searching for a good bakery where we can get good quality French Bread around here but this is the only place we’ve found so far – their French bread is just like that which you get in France and Japan.  The place is in Shoreham-by-Sea, which is about 30 minutes by car from us, not close enough to go often.




When we went there last time, we had sandwiches for lunch and they were very good, so we did the same again today.  There are a few tables inside but some people were sitting at outside tables, I don’t know if they prefer outside or tables inside were occupied when they arrived. but a few people were at the outside tables, I personally think it’s a bit too cold for that today.   When we got there all the tables (I think there are only 4 or 5 tables) but a couple of high chairs at a counter were available so we were going to take them, but fortunately one table became available before we settled down at the counter so we took the table.


I had Falafel & Hummous Sandwich, my husband had Camembert and Tomatoes, they were delicious.  They are both very simple but so good.  The balance of the bread and the filling is great, the seasoning is right, the bread isn’t too chewy but not too soft or plasticky, I really wish we had a place like this closer to us.  Whenever we are there we see many customers coming in and going out, so there must be many people who would would love to have a place like this nearby.  I know there are probably many such bakeries in London, but not many outside London.  It’s not as if I’m looking for “something special”, I just want something simple, tasty, something we get everywhere in Japan.  I even love sandwiches from Pret a Manger.  However, here, I’ve had so many sandwiches in pubs or a cafes that have much too much filling, the bread is dry or too chewy, there is no seasoning so you cannot taste anything  or just too salty and I have to wash it down with lots of water.  Here, you get simple but very tasty sandwiches – it shouldn’t be so hard to get but it is.





La Patisserie
4-6 East St, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5ZE



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