Tender Chicken Breast With Curry Flavoured Sauce


Today’s dinner was ” Tender Chicken Breast With Curry Flavoured Sauce”, which was shown by the head chef of Pages in Paris (1 Michellin Star restaurant) on a Youtube video of a Japanese lady who lives in Paris.   However, the chicken breast we had had no skin (here you either get it with bone and skin or without bone or skin) and our frying pan is not a heavy iron type, so rather than trying to adjust his method I just cooked it in the way I always do (brown both sides, then cook in the  180C oven for 8 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness).  They were cooked very tender and juicy.


The side dish was deep-friend broccoli (we used stem broccoli as that’s what we had) but we didn’t have Mimolette cheese.  They were still very good.  Although I know that plating something like this with only small amount of side vegetable looks more stylish, I find it isn’t enough vegetables for us so we usually plate more vegetables.  Today, I resisted it and made a large salad to serve in a separate bowl so it doesn’t spoil the look!  I should have taken the fillets off the chicken breasts, though.  In Japan chicken breast comes without the fillets but here they are attached and I usually cook them with the fillets because I don’t want to waste them.  I think, though, that next time we’ll cut the fillets off and vaccum pack & freeze them separately from the breasts.


The sauce is subtly flavoured with curry powder, it was lighter than I expected and was very nice.  It’ll be lovely as a salad dressing as well.  It was a very nice dish, something different from what we normally cook.  We’ll definitely cook it again.






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