Dinner With Our Neighbours (Thai Time, Arundel)

今日の夕食は、お隣のご夫婦とタイ料理のレストランに出かけました。今回はわたしたちがレストランを選ぶことになり、タイ料理がお好きとのことだったのでアランデルの「Thai Time」に行きました。数品オーダーして、みんなでシェアー。

We went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner with our next door neighbours.  It was our turn to choose the restaurant, so we chose Thai Time in Arundel as they told us they love Thai food.  We ordered a few dishes and shared everything.


I forgot to take photos of the starters until we nearly finished them but they were Spring Rolls and Chicken Satay.





Laab Moo (mince pork salad).



Stir-fried duck.



Beef Curry.


Herby & Spicy Sausages from north Thailand.  I think they were too spicy for our neighbour, but I love them.




We shared 2 rice and my husband and I shared Banana Fritter for dessert (forgot to take a photo).  Our neighbours had 1.5 pints of beer and 2 glasses of white wine, and my husband and I shared a large bottle of beer. The bill was 53 pounds per couple including tips.  We enjoyed everything we had.


After we got back from the restaurant, we came back to our house and continued chatting over a glass of Scotch Whisky / coffee.  It had been about a month and a half since we last saw them so there was a lot to catch up, and we had a lovely evening.


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