Hart’s Tongue Fern


As I said in the last blog post, we have been to garden centres a few times and bought planters, soil etc but we hadn’t bought any plants, we’d been waiting for the garden to finish.  I am feeling very eager to plant some flowers but I feel we need to wait to see what comes up where and how much space we have left from the planting done so far by our design/construction team.  There will be more plants/bulbs planted in 10 days or so and until they come up we don’t know what the garden really looks like.

なのですが、今日、2つだけ植物を買いました。英語で Hart’s Tongue Fern (Asplenium Scolpedrium)、日本語でタニワタリというシダ科の植物の苗を2つ。この葉っぱ、フラワーアレンジメントに使えて便利なのです。透明の花瓶に入れるお花の根元を隠したいときにくるくるっと巻いて入れたり、背の高いお花を添わせて生けたりと色々使えます。北向きのお庭でも育ちそうなので、植えたいと思っていたのです。戻ってきてさっそく夫と植え付けました。

However, we did buy 2 small plants, these are called “Hart’s Tongue Fern (Asplenium Scolpedrium) and are very useful for flower arrangements.  When you put flowers in a clear vase and if  you want to hide the bottoms of the stems you can use these in the water, they are also nice to use for a background of some tall flowers.  I’m assuming they will grow well in a north facing garden, where the sun doesn’t reach much so I was planning to get some but we saw them in the garden centre today.  We planted them as soon as we got home; I hope they’ll grow well.




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