Cottage Pie


Today’s dinner was Cottage Pie, by my husband’s request.  Although it is called “pie” it has no pie crust, on the bottom there is something like meat sauce (ragu) and it’s topped with mashed potato.  Fish pie here is also topped with mashed potato, not pie crust.  Shepherd’s pie uses minced lamb and cottage pie uses minced beef.  As it is a “home cooking”dish there seem to be various different versions, but I think the most common one is to use onion, minced beef, tomato paste and water for the base.  We also add carrots and sometimes even celery as well as onion and also a little tinned tomato in the base and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top of the mashed potato before baking.  Side dishes were carrots and stem broccoli today.  We had a half of the amount that we cooked so we’ll have the other half tomorrow.  It takes quite a lot of room in the freezer (because we want to keep it in the baking dish so we can put it straight into the oven), so it’s easier just to have it tomorrow.




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