Brasserie Blanc In Chichester


It’s a long weekend here (4 days off) this weekend because of Easter.  People say that it usually rains on public holidays here but it’s a beautiful day today, the temperature went up to 20C in Chichester when we were there.

今朝、チチェスターの美容院に行ったので、その後夫と「Brasserie Blanc」でランチをしました。お天気が良かったので、今年初めて外席に座りました。夫は、サーモン、わたしはスティッキー・ビーフ。ビーフは味はまずまずですがお肉の量が多すぎて、半分くらいしか食べられず。

I had to go to Chichester for my hair so we had lunch afterwards at “Brasserie Blanc”.  The weather was lovely so we sat at a table outside (but in the shade).  My husband had salmon and I has “sticky beef”.  The beef tasted OK but was so large that I only had a half.


We don’t usually have wine at lunch if it’s just the two of us, but we had a glass of white wine each.





We are having a very light evening meal today so shared Pistachio Souffle as well for a dessert.



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