Chicken In Tomato & Olives


Today’s dinner was slow cooked Chicken Thigh with tomato, vegetables and olives.  I used to make this quite often at one point but haven’t cooked it for a little while.  I couldn’t be bothered to find the recipe so I just winged it.  The original recipe used black olives but we didn’t have any so we used what we had, which were green olives stuffed with garlic and chilli.  I find that dry type black olives with the stones still in adds deeper flavour but these green olives worked OK, it just made the dish much lighter.


I sauteed finely chopped onion, carrot & celery until soft, took all out, added chicken thigh pieces to the pan to brown, then added a little white wine and let the alchohol evaporate.  I put the vegetables back, added choopped olives, chopped tin tomato, some red pepper (left-over from a salad), some water and simmered for 20 or 30 minutes.  When I use black olives I don’t use salt but the olives we used today weren’t very salty so I did need to add some salt at the end.  We had it with rice and stem broccoli.




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