Rape & Bluebells


It’s “Golden Week” in Japan, I wonder if many people would be going on holiday this year.  Monday is a holiday here, too, (May Day) so it’s a long weekend and the weather is lovely today.


We needed to get something for dinner so on the way we went to a wood to see bluebells.  We saw some rape fields and were able to stop at one of them for me to take a few photos.





I took this one from the car.



Sadly, the car park for the bluebell wood we went to was full, we sort of expected this because it’s a long weekend and the weather is good but took a chance just in case because it wasn’t far.  We’ll try again next week.  On our way to the supermarket, we did see quite a lot of bluebells from the car.  Bluebells look beautiful from a little way away, I think.  It looks like purple mist on the ground, magical.



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