Steak Night!


Today’s dinner was steak.  As always I marinaded Rib-eye steaks in soy sauce, honey, red wine, mirin & olive oil, my husband cooked them using the Anova, then browned them on both sides.   The sauce is red wine & cream  sauce with pink peppers.   My husband is in charge of the steaks (except marinading) and I am in charge of the side dishes.  Potato Dauphinoise, which is my husband’s favourite, and green beans.  Potato was melting and delicious.


The steaks we bought this time weren’t so big so my husband finished his.  Unlike Japanese steaks there isn’t much fat so it isn’t too heavy and I could have finished mine, too, but left about 1/3 for tomorrow’s dinner.  I did get very full 10 minutes after we finished dinner, so I’m glad I didn’t eat it all.







Cheese & grapes after the steaks.


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