Lunch & Garden Centre (& Garden Update)


We wanted to go to a large Garden centre today so had lunch at their cafe.  We had pizza with pepperoni – it had  too much sauce and was quite salty.




We have 2 large dark grey flower pots on the larger patio and we’ve been wanting to plant them up but we couldn’t decide what to put in them.  As we were away for 3 weeks for our holiday we waited  until now.  To be honest I didn’t want to plant petunias because they are just too ordinary (these days there are many unusual types as well but this one is quite ordinary) but we couldn’t find anything else that we felt would work so we bought them for the main flowers.  We also planted Nemesia (pink flowers) and Iberis Masterpiece.


We needed more flowers than we thought and didn’t buy enough so the other pot has just petunias at the moment, we’ll get more flowers as soon as possible.



We also bought 2 pots of lupins.  So far only 2 out of 6 lupins that we had planted in April have flowers and we lost one of them for sure, we thought we should have more anyway as 3 lupins each in 2 places don’t stand out much.  We wanted pink but couldn’t find the right shade of pink so bought blue ones.



The one behind is that one we had planted in April, the flower doesn’t have any white, whereas all the other 3 have white as well as purple/blue.



However, I just searched about lupins and found out that you should plant them without disturbing the roots because disturbing the roots will damage them and they will not do well.  Oh dear…I disturbed them a bit…



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