Simple Summer Spaghetti (Jamie Oliver)


Today’s dinner was a very simple and light pasta – Jamie Oliver’s “Simple Summer Spaghetti”.  Cut petit tomatoes in half, put them in a bowl, mash them with lightly by hand, then add olives (I chopped them roughly), basil (we used shiso today), marjoram (we didn’t use it), garlic, vinegar (we used raspberry vinegar and added a little lemon juice), olive oil, and pepper, then let it sit while the spaghetti is being cooked.  Pour the spaghetti in the bowl of the sauce, mix well, adjust the seasoning and it’s done.  It’s not piping hot but it’s not cold, it’s something in between.  Unlike cold pasta (Japanese love this), you don’t have to put cooked pasta in ice and water to cook it, so it’s easier and the heat from the pasta very slightly cooks the sauce and makes the flavour cling to the pasta.  I really love this and my husband enjoyed it, too.


Instead of basil we used shiso (steak leaves) and it worked well.  We are growing shiso in a planter in the garden so wanted to use it (my husband loves shiso).  I thought it has a slightly different aroma from what I’m used to, and has a hint of anise and also sesame, maybe because it’s fresh.  It’s also very tender as its so fresh.


I think adding dry-roasted pine nuts would work well, and addition of rocket leaves would be good, too.  Also you can probably use Parma Ham instead of olives.  It’s important to add enough salt to the boiling water you cook the spaghetti in so the spaghetti will have some seasoning before going into the sauce.  We felt we should probably use slightly fewer tomatoes.





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