Garden Update


A new Garden Update as I haven’t done one for a little while.


Here is the video to show how it looks now.



I asked our gardener to train the wisteria, I tried but couldn’t do it well because the root is quite far from the fence and I didn’t want to break the branches.  I think we should remove the red rose plant once the flowers finish, we kept it because the it started blooming and seems a shame to remove it then, but it is going to be covered by the wisteria branches and leaves and the rose wouldn’t be able to survive anyway.  The colour is wrong for our garden, too, unless we plant more red ones.



A little before we left for Scotland, the wisteria started to bloom and they were nearly finished when we got back, but they started blooming again.  They are much smaller and there’s only 5 or 6 of them.




Some Penstemon look almost in full bloom.  The colour is dark red, not very bright.  There are quite a large number of them, planted in 2 separate areas.




Cosmos is doing well, the 2nd one has white flowers.




These salvias don’t seem to bloom very quickly, they are opening up very slowly.  They have grown quite a lot taller.



Annabelle are doing well.  We had 5 of them but lost 1, so have 4 now.




One chocolate cosmos bloomed sometime ago, but we hadn’t seen any more for a long time and there are finally several flowers out now, but all are very small.  We planted them amongst geraniums so they don’t show up much either.


Most herbs are doing well, too.  The one with white flowers is Kailan (or Gailan).  We shoud probably pick them and eat them now.  Shiso (right end) is doing very well, too.


We had 2 sage plants in this planter and they have grown too large, specially one of them, so we moved it to the bed at the back of the planter so we can plant some smaller herbs in its place.




Pink scabiosa have some flowers and a lot of buds in both of the pots on the far patio.




All the other anemones have long gone, but this one has been out for quite a while.  We had a lot of them planted but for some reason not many came up.



The roses in the back garden are still small and thin but this one has a few flowers, which are smelling beautiful.




We can see the roses from next door as they come to our garden over the fence.  Under them the ones with white flowers are Belle Etoile, they have lovely sweet fragrance, too.  So this area has roses, Belle Etoille and jasmine, all of which are giving lovely fragrance.



Two of the dhalia plants look almost ready to have some blooms.


One of the roses in the front garden has no flowers yet, but has lots of buds and is looking very well.


The other one has quite a few flowers, again they have beautiful fragrance.


One of the delphiniums has a very tiny bud.

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