Cheese Fondue


Today’s dinner was Cheese Fondue, I have a feeling it’s been a little while since we had it last time.  It was quite warm when we were in London but since we got back it’s been much cooler, the highest is 16C-18C, the lowest around 12C, not very summery at all.   Looking at the forecast, it’ll be more or less the same weather in the next week at least.  It’s only the end of June so too early to say but this summer seems to be cooler than the last few years.  As we finally got a BBQ we have been wanting to use it for dinner but it’s a bit too cold for that, the sun comes out now and again but not for long.


So, Cheese Fondue doesn’t look too silly to have.  We stopped  buying the ready made fondue kit (because it’s not often available) and have been making it ourselves by grating 2 kinds of cheese.   What we have with it is the same as always – boiled new potatoes, boiled carrots, salamis and a large salad.  In the salad I put lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, onion, red pepper, apple & kiwi.


I’m enjoying our new table cloth very much.  At first I thought that the fabric of the chair covers clashed with the pattern of the cloth but it doesn’t bother me much now.  It’ll be good in winter, too, but looks nice and cool for summer.








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