West Dean With Friends

木曜日には、お友達ご夫婦と West Dean Gardens で落ち合って、キャッチアップをしながら、お花や果物やお野菜を見ながらゆっくり歩きました。前回ご一緒したのは4月末でチューリップやラナンキュラスや桜などが咲いている時期でしたが、今回は薔薇を始め様々なお花が至る所に咲いていました。こういうところはやはり、5月後半から6月が一番綺麗な気がします。また、たくさんの写真になりますが。

We met our friends at West Dean Gardens on Thursday and walked together looking at the flowers, fruits, vegetables at the same time as catching up with each other.  The last time when we met them there was at the end of April, when there were tulips, ranunculas, cherry blossoms etc, but now the place is full of flowers like roses and all sorts.  I think this sort of place is the best from late May, June and July in England.  A lot of photos, I’m afraid.






There will be open air theatre soon so they were preparing for it.






Very tall delphiniums were very impressive.





Many different kinds of Dahlias.  I think they weren’t very popular for a while but recently they became popular again.















You can purchase some plants at the exit, too.


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