West Dean Gardens

比較的近くにお住まいのお友達ご夫婦と「West Dean Gardens」にご一緒しました。お互いにメンバーになっているので、何度かここでご一緒しています。この数日とっても良いお天気で、気温は低いので日陰では寒いのですが陽の光が眩しくて陽に当たると暑いくらいでした。ところが、今日はお天気が悪く、冬に逆戻りしたように寒く感じました。まだ最低気温は4度、5度、今日の最高気温は12度でした。来週は少し気温が上がるみたいです。

We went to “West Dean Gardens” with our friends, who live relatively close.  We are members of this place, so we’ve met them here a few times.  It has been lovely and sunny for the last few days.  The tempreature was still low so it was cold in the shade but when you are out in the sun it felt quite hot.  However, it was very cloudy all day today and felt as if we were back to winter.  The lowest temperature is till as low as 4C or 5C and the highest today was only 12C.  It looks like it’ll get a little warmer next week.


These trees we saw on the way looked very pretty, they look autumn colour but beautiful colour.  Just until a couple of weeks ago, most of the trees looked bare but now they are looking very green (or brown!).




This is the entrance to the gardens, I think these are apple trees.


We chatted while we walked, looking at the scenery and plants.



We saw only a few small patches of bluebells here and there.



West Dean Gardens には普通のお花などだけではなく、たくさんの果樹やお野菜、ハーブなどが植えられています。

In West Dean Gardens, they have lots of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs as well as flowers.



Purple asparagus.  We saw green ones, too.



There are a few greenhouses, where they are growing fruit trees like nectarines, grapes, figs etc and also some flowers like begonia.  These foliages looked beautiful.


The tulips were still blooming, but most of them were finishing and the people were cutting them off.




A lot of different kinds of ranunculus.  The ranunculus I’ve seen in bouquets that you can buy have only small ones that have been around for many years, but these were huge flowers like they have in Japan now.






They have wisterias as well, some of which were Japanese, but they weren’t out yet.



I think this is sakura (cherry) tree?




We saw a lot of cute lambs.




I guess we walked for an hour and a half or so, then had tea in the tearoom.  We decided to go to a Chinese restaurant for our next get-together.




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