Lavender Farm (Lordington)

先日の Mayfield Lavender Farm が素晴らしかったので、ラベンダーを見に行くのはもういいかな、と思いつつ、やはりお天気が安定していて学校の夏休みが始まる前にもう1ヶ所行ってみることにしました。今回は、車で30分くらいのところ、多分我が家から一番近いラベンダーファームに行ってみました。Mayfield Lavender Farm は6月中旬から8月末までオープンしていますが、こちらの Lordington Lavender Farm は昨日から18日までの1週間、ピークの時期だけオープンしています。

The Mayfield Lavender Farm, where we visited the other day, was so beautiful that we thought maybe that was enough for this year, but the weather is very stable at the moment and the summer school holidays haven’t started yet, so we wanted to go somewhere today and decided to go to “Lordington Lavender Farm”, which is probably the closest lavender farm to us, about 30 minutes by car.  Mayfield Lavender Farm is open from the middle of June until the end of Augst, but Lordington is open only for a week – from yesterday until the 18th – I guess they open only during the real peak lavender time.


You need to walk about 5 minutes from the car park and I found it quite painful to walk in my flip flops because there were a lot of cut stems of some plants that were dried and hard and they often got my feet.  Sneakers would have been better.  The lavenders are visible when you walk up a slight slope and come to an open area down the slope, which is very nice.










It was quite hot today so we sat at one of the tables here and had smoothies – I had mango & papaya and my husband had berry smoothie.  My husband thought it was cooler today but I thought the opposite.  Although it was cloudy today unlike yesterday, when there was hardly any clouds, I felt quite cool in the shade then as there was nice breeze.  It felt more humid today and there wasn’t any breeze when we were sitting here.  My husbad doesn’t use a parasol but I do, that’s probably why we feel differently.


It’s about five minutes walk between the car park and the lavenders but they also run a tractor ride every 10-12 minutes, so we took it to get back to the car park.



ここもなかなか綺麗でしたし、Mayfield Lavender Farm に行っていなければ感動したかもと思うのですが、わたしたちは Mayfield Lavender Farm のほうが感動的に感じました。入場料もこちらの方が高くて1人7ポンド(1000円ちょっと)、Mayfield は4ポンド50ペンス(700円くらい)。来年は、少し遠いですが、Mayfield の方に行くと思います。

Although this place was also beautiful and we would have been more impressed if we hadn’t just been to Mayfield Lavender Farm but we felt Mayfield is much more beautiful.  The entrance fee at Mayfield was less expensive, too – 7 pounds here but 4.5 pounds for Mayfield.  I think we’ll probably go to Mayfield next year although it’s quite a bit further away.



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