Chicken Forrestier (M&S)

今日の夕食は、マークス&スペンサーズで買って温めるだけのディナーでした。ある方のYouTubeでマークス&スペンサーズのガストロパブシリーズの中の「Chicken Forrestier」が美味しいとおっしゃっていたので、トライしてみました。この1品だけだと10ポンド(1600円くらい)なのですが、指定されているものの中からメイン、サイド、デザート(それぞれ2人分ずつ)1品ずつ選んで3品で12ポンド(2000円くらい)というお得なセットになっているので、3品選びました。メインはこの Chicken Forrestier 、サイドはトリュフ入りマッシュポテト。デザートはフォンダンショコラを選びましたが、今日は昨日買ったタルトなど食べなくてはいけないので、明日にでもいただこうと思います。

We had Ready Made Dishes from Marks & Spencers for dinner today.  Someone I watch on YouTube (in Japanese) was saying “Chicken Forrestier” is very tasty, so we wanted to try it.  On its own it’s 10 pounds but they have offers that if you choose one main, one side dish, and one dessert from the items they specify, it’s 12 pounds for all 3 items.  We took this “Chicken Forrestier” for the main, Truffle Mashed Potatoes for the side dish, and Chocolate Melt In The Middle Pudding for dessert, but we didn’t have the pudding today as we had to have the tart we bought yesterday.

Chicken Forrestier はチキンの胸肉をベーコン、マッシュルーム、玉ねぎ入りのホワイトワインとクリームのソースで煮たものでした。これとマッシュポテトだけではお野菜があまり食べられないので、茹でたにんじんとグリーンビーンズを添えました。

“Chicken Forrestier” was chicken breast cooked with bacon, mushrooms and onions in a white wine and cream sauce.  Not much vegetables if you have this with just the mashed potato, so we also cooked some carrots and green beans.


I find chicken breast that you get in pubs and restaurants in England tend to be very dry and tough, but this chicken was nice and tender.  The sauce was a bit too salty for me, so I’d we have it again I would add some milk before warming the dish up in the oven.  The truffle mash was also good, although I got tired of it after a few mouths full because I’m not such a big fan of truffles in general, having had too much truffles in restaurants in Singapore.





As we went out in the afternoon, we didn’t have tea at home so didn’t have a chance to have the pecan & mascarpone cream tart and the pistachio and raspberry bits that we bought yesterday, so we had them as a dessert.  As always they were yummy.


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