Hiyashi Chuka (Ramen Salad)


Very hot today again, up to 28C.  Like yesterday, we have the doors to the patio fully open.  I hear that it’s better to keep the doors and windows and the curtains and blinds closed to keep the house cool when it’s very hot in England, and I guess keeping the sun away is better to lower the temperature indoors but it FEELS cooler with a breeze.  I stay mostly in my craft room, which has an aircon, during the day but I do go to the kitchen to get some water or to prepare dinner etc now and again and it was very hot earlier, so hot that I got sweaty without doing anything much.  However, it seems to have cooled down a lot now, the temperature is still at the highest 28C but I guess there is more breeze.


I know people in Japan would laugh (or get annoyed?) to hear me say it’s so hot only at 28C and only around 50% humidity, but it really is hot when you don’t have an aircon.  Although seeing weeds in the garden bothers me, it’s just too hot to do weeding properly, so I’m just doing a little now and again at the moment.  I’m going to be lazy while it’s hot.


On such a hot day, cold ramen salad is perfect for lunch.  We made it a couple of weeks ago for the first time this summer so this is the 2nd time.  We used one of the kits so the sauce was a little too sweet for me but I still enjoyed it very much, it goes in so smoothly.  My husband seems to like it, too.  For a simple lunch, there is qute a lot of chopping, boiling etc and makes quite a lot of washing up but it’s worth it.  I actually prefer this to hot ramen, I guess, because you have a lot of salad with it.



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