A Trio Of Salads On The Patio

今日は暑くて火を使いたくないですし、熱いものを食べたい気持ちにもならず、夕食はサラダ3種類とサラミという軽いものにしました。人参、オレンジ、アーモンドのサラダ、ポテトサラダ、ブロッコリーとチリのサラダ(ロンドンやエジンバラの Dishoom というインド料理屋さんで食べて美味しかったので、再現したもの)。残っていたサラミも添えました。

As it is so hot here we didn’t want to cook using heat and didn’t feel like something very hot so I made 3 salads and we had it with some salami.  Carrot, orange & almond salad, Potato salad, Broccoli & chilli salad (I tried to recreate what we had at Dishoom in London and Edinburgh).

人参、オレンジ、アーモンドのサラダは我が家の定番の、削った人参に塩胡椒をしてレモン汁とオリーブオイルで味をつけ、オレンジ、シャンツァイを加えて上に乾入りしたスライスアーモンドをのせたもの。ここにレーズンやデーツを加えても美味しいですし、ちょっとシナモンを加えたりクミンを加えたりしても美味しいですし、フレッシュのミントを加えることもあります。ポテトサラダはマヨネーズで和えるものも好きですが、どちらかというと、今日のように塩胡椒、玉ねぎ、コルニション、レモン汁、オリーブオイルで和えたさっぱりしたものの方が好きです。今日はそこに栽培している紫蘇を加えました。ブロッコリーとチリのサラダは、検索してみたところDishoom のフェイスブックにレシピが載っていました。あれこれ量るのが面倒だったので、材料は計らず、ドレッシングも別に作らず適当に作りましたが美味しく出来ました。使った材料は同じです。チリは大きな赤いチリを使いましたが、ほとんど辛さを感じなかったのでもう少し入れれば良かったですが、Dishoom でいただいたものもほとんど辛くはなかったような気がします。

Carrot, orange & almond salad is what I often make, just grated carrot, salt, pepper, lemon juice & olive oil, with added orange and coriander plus some sprinkled slices almonds that have been dry-roasted.  I sometimes add raisins or/and dates and/or cinnamon, cumin, or/and fresh mint.  I like potato salad that has mayonnaise in but I think I prefer this lighter one better – potato, salt, pepper, cornichons, lemon juice, and olive oil.  I also added some shiso that we are growing in our herb beds.  When we were at Dishoom the last few times we loved their Broccoli & Chilli Salad.  I found their recipe on their facebook – I did use all the ingredients (except green chilli, which we didn’t have) but didn’t measure anything or make the dressing, I just mixed everything together without measuring/weighing.  I used just one large red chilli but we hardly tasted any chilli and there was hardly any heat, it probably would have been better if I’d used more.  Having said that, I don’t remember tasting much chilli in their salad at Dishoom anyway.  It was still very tasty and we enjoyed it.


We had it on the patio again today.









食事が軽めだったので、昨日買った M&S のミールセットのデザート、チョコレート・フォンダンをデザートにいただくことにしました。夫はクリームをかけて。

As our dinner was light, we had the Chocolate Melt-in-the-middle dessert , which was a part of the meal set we bought from M&S yestrday.  My husband had it with cream.



I had it as it was at first but it was so rich that I couldn’t eat much, so I tried it with vanilla ice cream, which made it a little better but still heavy.  Then I tried it have it with coffee.  I still couldn’t finish it!  Usually my husband is happy to finish it off for me but even he wasn’t able to.  He just managed to finish his.




The evening sky was beautiful today.  The days are getting shorter every day now and today’s sunset time was around 9:10pm.


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