Pizza & Salad

Cowdray Farm Shop にはカフェの他にピザ屋さんもあるのですが、ロックダウンが中はクローズしていて、ロックダウン後も週末だけオープンと聞いていましたが、実際オープンしているのを見たことがほとんどありませんでした。週末に行くことが少ないというのもあるのですが、たまに週末に行っても開いてなかったように思います。それが今日は開いていて、7月8月は金、土、日オープンと書かれていました。夏だけオープンみたいですね。(1週目はクローズみたいです。)

At Cowdray Farm Shop, there is a pizza shop as well as a cafe.  During the lockdown it was always closed and after lockdown finished we were told they were open on weekends but we don’t think we saw it open many times, maybe we saw it once.  I guess we don’t go there on weekends very often but I have a feeling it was closed even on weekends.  Today it was open!  The notice said it was open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday in July and August (except the 1st week, I think), so it’s open only during the summer?


We saw someone eating their pizza (from the box) so we asked them if we can buy one here and eat it in the cafe, but we were told we cannot unless we also order a main course from the cafe menu so we didn’t have it for lunch but bought one to take home for our evening meal.


We ordered the most simple one, Margherita.


So this pizza was our evening meal today with a salad.




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