Mini Garden Update / Agapanthus


One of the plants that we planted in the spring is Agapanthus and we’ve been looking forward to seeing the flowers, but we hadn’t see any so far although the leaves have grown very large.  I searched online and found out that some of them don’t flower until the 2nd, 3rd of 4th year so we thought maybe these won’t be flowering this year – but I found one bud yesterday!  It looks like it won’t long before flowering.  I walk in our garden every day and check out any changes but I sometimes miss something so obvious, it must’ve been growing for at least a few days but I didn’t notice it until yesterday.  When I checked them today I also found that another one has a short stem coming out.





The Agapanthus are planted towards the front of the beds on each side of the back patio. There are quite a few of them so they’ll add lovely colour when they are all out.  Aparently they flower until late autumn and we are looking forward to seeing them in full bloom.





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