Mini Garden Update / Pots

奥の方のパティオに置いている大きなポットの寄せ植えは、手前のパティオのと違い(手前のはガーデンセンターで買ったお花を植えました)Sara Raven というとても人気のあるオンラインのお花屋さんで買った苗を植えたのですが、来た苗が思っていたよりもずいぶん小さくて少しガーデンセンターで買い足しました。植えた時はお花は少ししか咲いていなくて苗も小さくて、こんな状態でした。6月17日に撮った写真です。

We filled the plant pots on the main patio behind the house with flowers that we bought from a garden centre, but for the pots on the smaller second patio I ordered plants from the very popular online shop, “Sara Raven”.  The plants when they arrived were much smaller than I had expected and were not big enough to fill the pots so we did buy some more from a garden center as well but even after we added these there weren’t a lot of flowers.  These photos were taken on the 17th June.






However, after a month and a half, they are now full, with flowers nicely spilling out over the pots.







Although some of the Namesia we planted in the pots near the house are looking a bit leggy, all the other plants are doing very well, specially the plants in these pots.  This was the first time we planted pots like these and we were a bit worried that they may not root properly but we’re very happy that they are looking great.


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