Pasta Bake With Aubergine & Courgette


Today’s dinner was pasta with what we had in the fridge, no recipe to follow.  I cooked aubergine and courgette first in olive oil (kept some crisp texture of courgette) and took them out, cooked bacon as well as it needed eating asap, took it out, added sliced garlic until slightly brown, took them out, then added left-over tin tomato (about a half of the tin) and some petit tomatoes I’d frozen, a splash of water and cooked it down a little.  When the pasta was cooked I added it as well as aubergeine, courgette, garlic & bacon into the tomato sauce, mixed all together well and poured all into a gratin dish, sprinkled on some pizza cheese and baked it in the oven until nice and brown.


Sometimes I cut the vegetables small so they become part of the sauce but today I didn’t, I kept them in larger slices so when you eat it you get different bit, sometimes aubergine, sometimes courgette, sometimes bacon and sometimes garlic.  I find it a little more interesting.








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