Anniversary Trip Day 2 / The Idle Rocks Hotel

結婚記念日旅行2日目は、コーンウォールの St. Mawes という海沿いにある街の「The Idle Rocks」に泊まりました。ホテル近くの車からの景色。

Anniversary Trip Day 2.  We stayed at “The Idle Rocks” in a little fishing town, Mawes, in Cornwall.   These photos show the scenery near the hotel.








We found the hotel easily but there was no space to park the car in front of the hotel to unload our luggage, we couldn’t find a car park of the hotel either so we drove around once then went to a nearby car park, where we found a few slots for the hotel.  It was about 5 minutes walk from the hotel so we carried just a small luggage to the hotel and talked to the receptionist, who told us that we can park the car in front of the hotel and unload, then take the car to the car park, so that’s what my husband did.


This is the lounge of the hotel, not so large but nice and comfortable.





Our room was in a separate building and right on the beach.  We could probably go onto the beach from the window.









The interior was very much like “beach house” style.



A few people were swimming in the sea – it was pretty cold by then.



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