Lunch At Brasserie Blanc In Chichester

今日はチチェスターに行く用がありちょうどランチタイムに終わったので、夫と Brasserie Blanc でランチをしました。お昼にしっかり食べて、夜は適当に何か摘むだけ、ということに。

I was in Chichester to have my nails done, which finished around lunch time so we had lunch at Brasserie Blanc.  We thought we’d have a big lunch then we don’t need to cook dinner, we’ll just have something light in the evening.


My husband had Escargots to start.


I had the Morteau Sausage & Potato Salad that I’ve had a few times.



For his main dish my husband had Beef Bourguignon.


I had Moroccan Vegetable Tagine.  The soup was very tasty.   I don’t think the vegetables had been cooked in the soup except celery, courgette and red pepper, aubergine & small courgette were probably just grilled then put on top and potatoes & carrots were probably cooked in a microwave.  Potatoes might’ve been cooked in water but were quite firm, but the carrots were cooked in microwave as they had strange texture that you get from cooking them that way and I don’t like that texture at all.  Still all in all it was quite tasty.







We both ate too much, we should have had just the main and the dessert.  The restaurant is running a special campaign at the moment, if you show a special discount code you get from them via email you get 25% discount on the main dishes (some restrictions apply).


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