Lunch & Embroidery

書き忘れていましたが、先週はお隣にお住まいにお友達と一緒に刺繍の集まりに参加して、その前に軽くランチをご一緒しました。刺繍の集まりの場所がこの日はアランデルの The Swan Hotel というパブであったので、その前にランチもご一緒したという次第です。お隣はわたしたちの少し後に引っ越して来られたのですがすぐにロックダウンになったので、お付き合いが始まってからは多分まだ1年そこそこだと思います。わたしは人見知りなので積極的にお声はかけられないのですが、色々とお誘いくださって有難いです。

I totally forgot to blog about it but I joined an embroidery gathering with my next door neighbour last week and had lunch with her before the session because it was at The Swan Hotel in Arundel.  Our next door neighbour moved in a little after we did but as lockdown happened very soon after that I think it’s been only a year or so since we started seeing each other.  I’m shy with new people but she is very sociable and invites me to different gatherings etc very kindly.

The Swan Hotel には入ったことがなかったのですが(パブのご飯は美味しくない場合が多くて、最近は敬遠しがち)、店員さんも感じが良かったですし、いただいたファラフェル・ラップも美味しかったです。

I hadn’t been to The Swan Hotel before (we tend to avoid pubs these days because we’ve had so many disappointing meals at pubs), but the staff were very nice and the falafel sandwich I had for lunch was very tasty.


Chips are in focus rather than the falafel wrap.


My friend had pastrami sandwich, which she said was very fresh and delicious.



At these embroidery gatherings they sometimes have someone to give a talk but mostly they get together and each person will do her own embroidery while they chat about this and that or give some advice for some project.  I did some embroideries when I was younger but am not so interested in them now so I did embroidery on these – they will be made into cards later.


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