Roast Pork


Today’s dinner was English (British) style Roast Pork.  We used to have roast dinner quite often but haven’t had it so much in recent years.  I find it’s quite a lot of work and don’t like washing up the greasy roasting tins.


We had it with roast potatoes, boiled Brussels sprouts, roast parsnips, roast Jerusalem artichokes; no Yorkshire pudding today.  We bought Jerusalem artichokes from a different farm shop from usual, they were slimmer and longer but the skin was very tough and inside was mostly quite tough as well, so not as enjoyable as what we had before.  Other than that, we enjoyed everything else.


After the foraging yesterday, as our car was parked next to the guide’s, he asked if we wanted to take home a beefsteak fungus and so we did.  We were going to eat it yesterday but forgot to so we had it today.  When I sliced it, the inside looked like Japanese marbled beef!




We were told that the best way to eat this is raw in salad so we tried a small piece each but didn’t like it very much, so I sautéed some in olive oil and added some cream, which was another recommended way to eat it.  However, sadly, we couldn’t enjoy it, it had very strange acidity that we couldn’t get to like.



I kept the apple sauce chunky today.  I prefer it like this to a more puree style.






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