Lunch After Foraging


After our foraging walk, the guide made us lunch.  First we had bread with pesto made from some wild herbs or wild greens and some cheese, then “Mushroom & Chestnut Bourguignon”.   There was a very large chestnut tree and a lot of chestnuts underneath where we had the picnic, but he cooked those chestnuts and mushrooms that he had foraged in advance  with red wine.  It was a little spicy with black pepper, seasoned just right and truly delicious.







With wild green and herbs.





Dessert was an apple and blackberry Tarte Tatin which was delicious.



After that, one of the people asked if she could cook some of the mushrooms that we had just picked because she wanted to try them and she cooked them in garlic and butter.  I think she cooked about 3 different mushrooms and they were all good, but the porcini was really delicious.




We had lots of fun.


The guide told us that there are so many different mushrooms, nobody can get to know all of them so he would eat only the ones that he is sure he can eat.  I was hoping we’ll be able to try and find what we can eat ourselves when we go out for a walk in the woods but I don’t know, we don’t really feel confident enough to do so.


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