Anniversary Trip Day 4 / Dinner At Gidleigh Park

結婚記念日旅行の旅行記、4日目のディナーは、Gidleigh Park でいただきました。もう1ヶ月近くも前にことになってしまい細かいところは覚えていないのですが、前菜にいただいたチーズスフレが塩辛くて(涙)。実は、初日のディナーでも結構塩分が強かったのでこの日事前に塩分を若干控えてほしいとお願いしていました。多分、チーズスフレのソースは早めに作ってあったのだと思いますし、スフレ部分も2度焼きタイプだったので1度目に焼くところまでは作ってあったのだと思いますので、仕方ないのだと思いますが、それにしても本当に塩辛くてお水を飲んでもワインを飲んでも2口以上は食べられませんでした。夫は塩辛いと言いながらも完食はしていましたので、イギリス人は食べられるのかもしれませんが、日本人であの塩辛さを食べられる人はいないのではと思います。イギリス人の塩分のストライクゾーンはわたしのより多分倍くらい幅があると思いますが(日本人としてはごく普通だと思います)、それにしてもあれは塩辛かったです。多分チーズそのものが塩辛いのだとは思いますが、せめてソースの塩分を控えてあれば食べられたのではないかと思います。

A bit late, but here’s the 4th day of our recent Wedding Anniversary Trip.  We had dinner at the hotel we were staying at, “Gidleigh Park”.  It’s already nearly a month ago so I don’t remember the small details, but the starter, Cheese Soufflé, was much too salty for me.  As the dinner we had there on the first day was a little too salty for me (but I was able to eat), I actually asked the staff on this day to reduce the salt level slightly.  However, I’m guessing that by then the sauce for the soufflé was already made and even the soufflé was probably baked already because it was the twice baked type so it was too late for mine to be changed.  Even so, even when I had a lot of water and wine, I still could not enjoy it and wasn’t able to eat more than 2 small spoonsful, I find it torturous to eat something so salty.  I accept that my strike zone for seasoning is probably only about a half the range of most English people (I think I’m quite average for this in Japan) but I felt it was much too salty, even for English.  My husband did manage to eat it, which was surprising to me, but even he said it was very salty, too salty to enjoy.  I’m guessing that the cheese they used was very salty but if they had made the sauce under-seasoned I might’ve been able to eat it together.


I adore this hotel but it is a shame that I don’t like their cooking so much.  I do like their amuse and Pettit-four.












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