Yakisoba (Back Home)


We are back from the Cotswolds!

昨日は、紅葉を見に植物園に行き、今日はもう1つ Sarah Raven さんのガーデニングコースを受け、コースが終わってから3時半過ぎにホテルを出て家に着いたのが6時半、3時間近く休憩なしで走ったので少し疲れました。

We went to an Arboretum to see autumn leaves yesterday, and today we took another gardening course of Sarah Raven’s, which finished a little after 3:30.  We left the hotel as soon as the course finished and got back home around 6:30, so it took us 3 hours without any rest, so we felt a little tired.


The gardening course included lunch but the portion was on a small side so we were hungry when we got home – so we had a quick and easy meal “Yakisoba”.


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