French Patisserie Lesson (Fondant au Chocolat et Coeur au Chocolat Blanc)


As we had a big lunch, we didn’t eat much in the evening.  We just had 3 Fondant au Chocolat that I baked at the zoom baking class on Thursday with a baby size Champagne.


My instructor calls this “fake Fondant au Chocolat” because it has chocolate inside, which will ooze out when you microwave it even after a few hours or even days.  These are quite small, only 6cm in diameter, we had one and a half each as 3 were left.  Really delicious!  It has white chocolate we flavoured with raspberry, so slightly tart, which goes so well with dark chocolate.  Fondant au Chocolat is relatively easy, not too much work, so I feel I will probably make them again.






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