Japanese Hot Pot (Nabe)


Today’s dinner was Japanese Hot Pot (Nabe), a perfect dinner on a cold day.  We would have this more often as it’s been cold for a long time, it’s very difficult to get hold of Tofu that I like.  I buy it from Japan Center in London and get it delivered but it’s out of stock most of the time and I have to get it when I see it because on the following day it is likely to be gone.  I feel a lot of Japanese things are out of stock for the last couple of years I guess because of Covid, specially the type of food you need to keep in the fridge, and also some Japanese snacks.  I used to be able to buy tofu from the online supermarket we use but I haven’t seen it for the last one month or longer.  Hot pot without tofu is unthinkable for me!


As always, I make up some kind of dipping sauce with sesame paste, soy sauce, mirin, etc.  The hot pot has mince chicken balls, romaine lettuce, carrot, leek & mushrooms.





お鍋をするとどうしても色々余ってしまうので、前回から2日続けて食べることにしました。ということで明日 もお鍋ですが、明日はズームのお料理教室で習ったキムチ鍋に変身させる予定です。

It’s difficult to prepare ingredients only for 2 so we decided to have it two days in a row since the last time, so we’ll be having it again – but I’ll make it into Kimchi hot pot.




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