Kimchee Hot Pot


It’s been a while since we had rain but today was a very rainy and wet day.  The cold spell seems to have gone for now and the temperature went up to 11C.  The lowest temperature is still quite low, at 2C, but it’s expected to go higher tomorrow and then the weather seems to stay similar for the next 10 days or longer.  Sadly it’s expected to rain most of the days but we’d like to mulch the rest of the garden when there is a dry day, we haven’t been able to do that because it’s been so cold and the soil has been frozen.  At least I didn’t see any more bulbs to come up (not many anyway), though.


Today’s dinner was Kimchee Hot Pot as we planned yesterday, to finish the left-over of the hot pot we had yesterday.  Neither of us have had Kimchee Hot Pot before, but it’s been very popular in Japan for quite a while.  I used the recipe I had from the cooking class I take on Zoom, but needed to adjust the amount of seasoning since the Korean chilli paste we get here is more spicy than what they get in Japan in general and of course the amount of liquid is different from the recipe – so I just had to wing it.  As I say, I’ve never had Kimchee Hot Pot so it’s a bit difficult to know what it’s supposed to be like but I just made it the way I thought tasted good.  Usually, Japanese would put rice (or sometimes ramen or udon noodles) in at the end but my husband isn’t keen on the idea, I think he doesn’t feel like something like rice or noodles when he isn’t hungry enough.  So, instead, we had one mochi each with the other ingredients and it worked well.  We love our usual mince chicken ball hot pot as well, so it seem seems good to have the usual one first then this kimchee hot pot on the 2nd day.  There is still some liquid left so we are planning to cook ramen in the soup for lunch tomorrow.  Incidentally, I’m quite sure Kimchee Hot Pot in Japan has much more complex flavour because we used one of those jar of Kimchee you can get here in supermarket.  Not really real kimchee.  I guess it’s possible to get better one somewhere but even with such kimchee it tasted good in this hot pot.





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