It was a very grey day with a little rain.  It looks very grey tomorrow, too, but they aren’t expecting any rain so maybe we can pot the large pots with spring bulbs.  We really must pot them as soon as we can.  I know tulips can be potted in the middle of January but not sure about other bulbs, they might be too late.


Today’s dinner was Raclette.  I had 4 cheese pieces and my husband had 6.  My husband says he likes Raclette more than Cheese Fondue.  Other than cheese, we had Parma Ham, salami, sausage (Japanese style made in England under licence following Nippon Ham recipe), new potatoes and a large salad (tomato, onion, pepper, apple, romain lettuce & rocket).  Potatoes are particularly nice as we bake them on top of the grill.







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