Boxing Day Dinner

Gidleigh Park Hotel での最後のディナー、ボクシングデー(26日)のディナーのアップを忘れていました。

I totally forgot to blog the last dinner that we had at Gidleigh Park Hotel on Boxing Day.


My husband had Champagne and I had Mimosa for aperitifs.





Amuse.  It’s a bit too salty but tasty every time.


My starter – I cannot remember what it was.


My husband had Mushroom Risotto as a starter.  Although they call it risotto, no rice is used, just mushrooms.


I ordered a pasta dish for the main.  As the sauce was made using a cheese that I don’t like I asked if they could change it to Parmesan cheese, but the person who took the order said “I have to ask the Chef if we have Parmesan cheese and I think it won’t work so well, I think Mushroom Risotto would be better.” So I said “OK, then I’ll have the risotto.”   I was thinking “Really?  I don’t believe any proper restaurant will be without Parmesan cheese these days”, but of course I didn’t say anything.  Then he came back and said “We have Parmesan cheese, would you prefer the pasta dish?” so I said yes, please.  As I cannot eat fish, seafood or game meats,  I do often choose vegetarian dishes but in England wherever we go 90% of the time all you find is mushroom, cheese, risotto or beet dishes, you don’t get anything else very often.  Why is that??  There are so many other vegetables you can use.  In Japan and in Italy (I don’t know much about other countries), I can choose all sort of dishes.


Then, when it was served, the pasta had no sauce, totally dry with shavings of truffles.  The Parmesan cheese was in a little dish on the side.  I did try half a piece of pasta before saying anything, but can you imagine enjoying pasta without any sauce at all?  Bone dry?  I can see the Chef didn’t want to do anything extra.  I told the staff that I cannot eat dry pasta and asked if they could use a very simple sauce like cream sauce.  The original sauce was going to be some sort of creamy cheesy sauce so cream sauce must be easy to make.  His reply was, “No, the sauce already has another cheese so they cannot.”  So I said “OK, in that case, can you take this away as I cannot eat.”  He said, “Would you like to have another dish from the menu?” so I said, “I didn’t see anything else I can have on the menu, so no, can you give me another bread, please?”  He took it away but came back and told me the chef was making a sauce for me and he brought it back with butter sauce.  I could have made cream sauce in a few minutes easily.  I don’t like butter sauce but didn’t want to tell them so, so I had about a half of it without enjoying it.


Every time when we eat here, I find the chef is very uncompromising and I can feel he doesn’t want to deal with any vegetarians, their vegetarian meals are always very boring – sometimes just the side dishes of a main meat dish, often risotto or mushrooms or something very cheesy, nothing much.  Also many of their dishes are very salty.  These days you see a lot of more creative and tasty vegetarian dishes in the world.  Still, this time, at least the dinner on Christmas Eve was quite enjoyable except for one dish that was very salty.



My husband’s main was venison.


Pre-dessert was Rhubarb ice cream with honeycomb.


I cannot remember my dessert, I think it was some sort of sorbet.  I enjoyed the freshly baked fluffy Madeleine.


My husband’s dessert was Fig Cheesecake.  The sorbet was also supposed to be fig sorbet but we could only taste lemon, and the guests at the next table were saying the same thing.


Coffee and petit-four, getting fewer every day and just 3 this day.



Although we love this hotel and it is our favourite hotel in the whole world, it is a shame that we don’t always enjoy the meals.  They look pretty and I understand they are using very high technique but it is often too salty and the vegetarian dishes being always the same.


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