More Gardening & Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup


It was another very humid and dark day, but at least it didn’t rain – so we potted 2 large pots with spring bulbs in ‘lasagne’ style, with tulips lowest, narcissus in the middle and short iris on top.  I know tulips will be fine but we might’ve been too late for narcissus and iris, we’ll see, it’ll be lovely if they all flower as well.  Anyway, I am so glad they are done.  I also did some mulching on the front garden as there were 3 bags of milk left.  I was OK the other day after gardening so I am hoping I’ll be fine tomorrow morning, I really hope so.


My husband room the Christmas decorations down (I did some last night but didn’t finish all), took the tree out, cut it up and took it to the dump, and put away all the other Christmas decorations as well.


There were a lot of tomatoes in the fridge, so we made “Cumin Flavoured Tomato Soup” for an evening meal today.  The recipe is from a cooking class my husband and I took together in Singapore but it uses tin tomatoes and we’ve always used tin tomatoes until today when we did it with fresh ones. Although I found some really tasty small tomatoes, I haven’t found any good tasting large tomatoes in England yet so the tomatoes we used today for this soup were very bland and watery – so the soup didn’t taste good at first but it did get quite tasty after reducing it for a little while.



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