A Walk In Slindon

ランチの後は、我が家から車ですぐのところにある Slindon を歩くことにしました。予報通り今日は良いお天気になり、薄手のトップの上にバーバーのショートコートを着ていたのですが、少し歩くとすぐに暑くなりました。気温はそれほど高いわけではなく10度くらいだったのですが、太陽が出ていると暖かいですね。

After lunch, we walked in Slindon, which is just a few minutes away by car from us.  It was lovely and sunny today, so with just a light long-sleeve top and a Barbour jacket, I got quite hot very soon after we started walking. The temperature was still only about 10C but the sun makes it feel warm.


After walking a little in the woods, you come out to the quiet little village of Slindon.




We saw lots of snowdrops, crocuses & naracissus.





I find these post boxes set into walls very interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in Japan.


I’ve seen eggs sold like this without anyone around in the countryside but had never seen sausage rolls and pastries sold this way.



A little less than 5km, about 7,000 steps in an hour and 15 minutes; it was good to walk.


After the walk, we came back and had tea together, then our niece left to go back to her place in London, which is about a 2 hour drive.  She came here once with her mother (our sister-in-law) very soon after we first got the key for the house and before we had properly moved in but this was her first visit since we had the renovation done and of course the first time she had stayed with us.  We’ve been asking if she would like to come and stay for quite a long time and she’s been saying she would but more than a year has gone by.  In the end we put the dates in the diary because otherwise time just flies.  It was lovely to spend time with her and we enjoyed chatting with her about this and that.




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