Sunday Roast At A Pub


We had Sunday Roast for lunch at the pub at the end of our road. In England it is a custom to eat a roast meal at lunch time on Sundays – lamb, pork, beef or chicken with crispy roast potatoes and a few other vegetables, plus Yorkshire Pudding if it’s beef  (although it often comes with other meat these days) and gravy.  In old days most families had a roast every Sunday but these days I have the impression  that more people have it only once in a while.  Although it seems easy to cook a roast meal, there is actually lots to do and the oven gets quite greasy so I think many people don’t want to cook it at home.  However, most pubs serve roasts on Sundays as the main meal, so that’s a popular alternative to making it at home.


We’ve tried the pub close us a few times but we haven’t had great successes, but until now hadn’t tried their Sunday Roast so we tried it today with our niece.  It was surprisingly good.


We all chose beef but my husband had Topside and our niece and I had Sirloin.  They look pretty much the same so not much point of showing all the photos really but this one is my husband’s topside.


This is Sirloin.  It was completely well-done and only 2 very thin slices so for those who love chunks of meat this may not be enough, but I’m not a big meat eater and I was quite happy with them, they weren’t chewy or gamy.  The Yorkshire pudding was excellent and potatoes were very nice and crispy, roast carrot was also nice and sweet.  Under the beef, there was mashed swede, boiled cabbage and spiced and oven-steamed sweet and sour red cabbage, which was quite spicy with black pepper.  We enjoyed it all and would be happy to go back.





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