Tea With Orange Cake


My husband’s brother’s wife and her niece (who stayed with us a few weeks ago) were going to be driving near us so stopped at ours for tea around lunch time.  They had stayed last night at a hotel and had had a late big breakfast so they were still quite full but I made them have a little bit of the orange cake that I made on Thursday at the French Baking Class.  My sister-in-law has been busy and we hadn’t seen her for a little while so it was lovely to see her and of course it was lovely to see our niece so soon as well!  An hour and a half or so went fast while we were chatting.  It really is lovely that we have some families close enough from us and being able to see them, we weren’t able to do this in Hong Kong or Singapore.


We had what was left of the cake after dinner, so we have now finished everything that I made at the class on Thursday.



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