Lasagne (M&S)


My husband told me he would cook dinner for me, so I asked for meatball pasta but when he went out to get some of the ingredients this morning he found all the supermarkets were closed.  Ah, I remembered it after he told me so that they close on Easter Sunday.  The mini supermarkets at petrol stations were opens so he tried one of them but he didn’t find any fresh meat so he bought M&S Lasagne instead because we were talking about cooking that soon.  He also bought garlic bread, warmed up the Lasagne and made a salad.  Thank you!  Although I would have liked more white sauce on the Lasagne it wasn’t bad – better than many restaurants and pubs around here.  My husband also had smoked salmon as a starter.









As forecasted, it has been very nice and sunny for the last 3 days, but it looks like it’ll get more changeable from tomorrow for a week or so, but then it’s forecasted to get sunny and finally a little warmer.





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