Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese Rice Bowl)


It rained a lot in the morning today but did clear up in the afternoon and was quite sunny.  Apparently, it’ll be sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon tomorrow.  The temperature is still low and it is quite windy so it’s not so pleasant to be outside.


Today’s dinner was Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese Rice Bowl with pork).  I saw this video on Youtube and wanted to try it.  I’d bought frozen thinly sliced pork belly sometime ago from the Japan Centre so we used that.  It is very inconvenient that we cannot get any thinly sliced beef or pork around here, we have no choice but buying it frozen from London.  Even in the Japan Centre I very seldom see them, they are usually ‘out of stock’.


Now, this recipe isn’t an authentic one, it’s a way this youtuber likes it, she uses thinly sliced pork belly, rather than the large pieces of pork they use in Taiwan, so as to shorten the time to cook and adds a few toppings.  She also put a fried egg on top (Japanese just love fried eggs), but we didn’t because we’d had egg sandwiches for lunch today.  I thought of making a soup as well but we always have beer with Asian food like this and my husband doesn’t seem to enjoy soup on the side.


I remember I had this Lu Rou Fan in Taipei with my sister and brother when we travelled there together a few years ago, it was very tasty.  I personally prefer the authentic style of chunks of pork slowly cooked but this was also tasty and makes a change.  The extra flavour and texture from the toppings (green onion, garlic chives, coriander leaf & cucumber) were also a good addition.




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