Garden Update


Now that the temperature is slightly higher comparing to a couple of weeks ago, the gardens have been changing a lot.  While it was cold we didn’t see much change from day to day but now it looks different every day so I feel I should blog the changes more often.  Sometimes I  take photos and blog a few days later but they change noticeably in a couple of days.


The tulips in the containers on the patio outside the living room, where they hardly get any sun, are now in full bloom and looking beautiful.  There is one yellow one by mistake. I bought a set of a few tulips that go together, and there wasn’t supposed to be any yellow ones.  Next year we’ll plant only tulips in the large round pots as well.  They look much nicer without narcissus getting in the way.




The lilac near the side door in the front garden, it’s still very short and small but flowers have started to open up.  The first photo was taken 2 days ago and the next one today.



Viburnum Snowball.  Comparing to last year they have many more flowers this year and they have grown quite a lot.  Last year I have a feeling they flowered only for a short time, I wonder if that’s the case this year.  I would love to cut some and use them in a vase but they probably don’t last long and I just feel too bad to cut them.






Wisteria.  The first photo was taken 2 days ago, the next one today.  Comparing to last year, the flowers are much larger but they are still quite sparse.  Hope we can see it full of flowers sometime before too long.





Anemones are now much taller and stronger.



Clematis.  We have 2 of them, one had quite a few flowers a little while ago but has no flowers now and it doesn’t look like it’s grown much.  This one was slower to start but has grown taller and has quite a few flowers and buds now.




The white tulips with some pink lines I wrote about are now mostly pink with just a little white part.


Alliums are getting taller every day and the buds have started to open up.  The photo below was take 2 days ago and the one after that was taken today.



Same again, the first photo was taken 2 days ago and the one after that today.



Sorry that it’s totally out of focus.




Alliums in the front garden also got much taller in the last few days.



This is the tallest allium in the front garden today.



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