Minestrone Soup (From Left-Over)


There was left-over from last night’s dinner and we used 2 of the cooked sausages for 2 sandwiches for lunch today, but there were still quite a bit of vegetables with the sauce so we made it into Minestrone.  We chopped the vegetables, added a little extra carrot and potato and also added some broken spaghetti.  We had something very similar just the other day with baby Penne and my husband really liked it and wanted to have it again and the left-over was ideal for this.  It was very enjoyable.


We used some of the crockery that we just bought online, they can be put into dishwasher, which is great.  The colour looks quite strong pink on some of the photos, but it’s actually very pale, the first photo’s colour is the closest to the real thing.





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