Homemade Pizza


Today’s dinner was homemade pizza, which we hadn’t had for many months.  I have blogged it many times before but we use a portable “Pizza Oven” that we bought in Japan and make the dough that is slowly proven in the fridge overnight.  We divide the dough that is supposed to be for 2 pizzas into 3 and make 2 savoury red pizzas (pizza sauce that I made by cooking down tin tomato, chorizo, onion, tomato, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, salt & pepper and some basil after bakng) and 1 white pizza (Blue Shropshire cheeze, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, pepper, then after baking drizzle of white truffle honey).  We kept saying how good our handmade pizza is while we had it, really good!









I made quite a large order of plants a little while ago and they arrived today so my husband and I planted most of them.  There were many of them so we planted for 2 hours but there are still some to plant (we’ll plant them tomorrow).  As I was squatting down for most of the 2 hours my legs feel a bit heavy, I’ll probably have some pain tomorrow.


I was going to take photos before we plant them but totally forgot.  I’m going to write them here for myself.  We planted 12 white lily of the velley, 9 pink lily of the valley, 3 hosta (white feather), 3 geranium (Ivan) and 6 breeder mix geranium, 3 Blue Barlow Aquilegia and 3 Nora Aquilegia.  We are planting 6 pink veronica (Rotfuchs).


I don’t know what it’s like in Japan, but here, when you order plants online, you have no control of the delivery date.  For example, even when it says “delivery after middle of May” they can come early like today and they can be late.  You cannot request to delay the delivery and you are at their mercy completely.  We are going away for a few days from Monday so I was quite worried about this delivery so I am relieved it came today.


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