Rome Trip / Day 3 (Cooking Lunch At Our Friends’)


The 3rd day in Rome, we went to our friends’ apartment and cooked lunch together.  We met her at the gate of their apartment and first went from there to a nearby market to get what we needed for the lunch.



Our friend told us that it was at the end of the season of artichokes, most of them were either too large or too small for what we needed, but we did buy some that looked the best of what we saw there.  Apparently the best ones are hard ones when you touch one and not the ones that have started to open.



They eat loquats in Italy and we saw some in the market.  Our friend apparently loves them and she bought a bagful and we had some after lunch.



They had thick asparagus and thin asparagus and we bought some thin ones.






This shop sold ham, salami, cheese etc and we bought guanciale, salami, bread and pecorino cheese here to take back to the UK.






Then we went to our friend’s place to cook lunch together.  She has published 2 cookery books and has been running cooking classes for many years so she is our ‘cooking guru’, it was fun to cook with her. We made a risotto with artichokes and asparagus.


Preparation of artichokes.  Take off most of the leaves(?), cut some off from the top, open the middle part, pull out the choke with a spoon, then put it in water with lemon juice.  Also peel the outside of the stems and cut them  short.


Then, we wrapped a garlic clove in parsley and stuffed the hole of an artichoke with it.





Then you put some olive oil in a pan, put all the artichokes in the pan standing upright, put the cut stems in between so they help wedge them in not to fall. Cook them with low heat for about 10 minutes until you can smell artichokes, then add water up to about the middle of the artichokes and simmer for another 10 minutes or so until the shoulders are tender.



When they are tender, cut them vertically to a one mouthful size.






Cook asparagus in a separate frying pan.


Sicilian Pecorino.




Some shavings of pecorino on top.


We also tried a little bit of the dried mild chilli we bought in the market.



Our friend eats very healthy so this risotto was very light; it was excellent.  Then we had some of the melon that she bought in the market and what was left of the crostata that we bought on the food tour.



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