Arundel Castle (Allium Display)


A friend couple that we’ve known since our Hong Kong days asked if we wanted to meet them at Arundel Castle to see the allium display in the garden, so we met them there this afternoon.  We were there only a couple of weeks ago for the Tulip Festival and there were still some tulips in bloom.   I think the majority of alliums are purple but I know there are white ones, dark pink and light pink ones as well so we were hoping to see all sorts but what we saw were mostly purple with a some white and most of the white ones were not open so much.   I must say we were not so impressed with even the purple ones because we have quite many in our own garden and these ones weren’t covering a large area.  However, without anything in particular to see, the garden is very nice so we enjoyed our visit anyway.  As it’s quite a large area, I guess we took about an hour and a half to walk most of the area walking slowly and talking with our friends.  It really was beautiful and we are so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place.


This time of year, wherever you go, it’s so green and beautiful.  I recommend visiting England in May or June.




When you walk in a garden like this with your friends, you often talk about your own gardens and our friends said they lost quite a lot of plants after the winter.  As we had particularly long period of cold time and frost didn’t melt for days and days, many of us lost some plants.   Like I wrote the other day we lost all our penstemons as well as some others and our friends told us that all their neighbours lost many plants, too.


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