Tulip Festival At Arundel Castle


As I’ve written, we went to Arundel Castle, which is about 10 minutes by car from us, today as they are having their Tulip Festival at the moment.  It started on the 15th this month and is held for a month.  I think tulip season is well gone in Japan but it is the season here now, I thought 90% of them looked open today so probably the peak now  The majority of them were planted where grass is rather than in flower beds so more natural looking.  I read they planted thousands of them on the slope around the castle last year, but they weren’t as closely planted as I thought from some of the photos I’d seen.  As there is no explanation necessary, I’ll just upload all the photos – there are many.  I’m now totally out of the habit of taking my big camera out with me and I wished I’d had today. A proper camera would have taken much nicer photos.


It was so sunny that it felt even hot (although the temperature was still only 10C),  but then some clouds covered the sun sometimes and it the felt chilly, so I was glad I had a coat on.  Still, it was quite nice weather and was lovely to walk looking at beautiful flowers.


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